Current Classes

Many of our classes fill quickly. Arbutus Guild Members of all levels have the benefit of early registration.

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Registration for classes is here: Register me! 

All classes take place at the Arbutus Folk School 610 4th Ave. E., Olympia, WA 98501 (map) unless otherwise noted. Registering early helps us prepare and offer the highest quality experience for everyone and there is no risk: Full refunds are provided if classes are canceled.  The Arbutus Folk School proudly welcomes students of any race, color, gender and national or ethnic origin.



 Open Ceramics Studio – Handbuilding

Instructor: Sarah Farley
Dates: Monday evenings, except every 2nd Monday of the month
Time: 6-9 pm
Cost: $18 per night
Registration: Drop-ins welcome
No. of Students: Max. 5

Open studio time is unstructured time for students to practice independently to enhance their abilities. Participants are required to have basic pottery or hand building skill level and will be able to use the studio to work independently. This registration is for hand building techniques only; our wheels are reserved for students currently enrolled in wheel throwing classes at Arbutus Folk School. Instruction is not included in open studio time, though a studio aide will be on hand to answer questions. It includes use of the ceramic studio, tools, and equipment. Additional clay and firing fees will apply.

“A la carte” fees (bring cash or check to class):
Clay    – $9 – $13 per 25 lb bag
Firing  – See chart
Glazes included in firing fee

Students currently enrolled in classes pay only for open studio time and do not need to pay additional fees for glaze and firings to participate in the open studio.



Ceramic Art Tiles

Instructor: Mike Cummins
Dates: Thursday Eves, Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, & 12
Time: 6-9 pm
Cost: $247
Registration Closes: Sept. 4
No. of Students: min. 4, max 8
Skill Level: Beginner to advanced
Materials provided by student: Sketch or image for design idea

Class Description: In this class students will create an 18″ x 18″ image using their own handmade ceramic tiles. They will learn the complete process of making art tiles that I use for my large projects. We will explore how our use of line, size, texture and surface designs work to create visually interesting tile art and will learn the correct timing and organization for applying the techniques to clay. Alongside learning shape and color composition, multiple glazing & underglazing techniques, slab rolling, and grouting, students will also learn how to kiln fire tiles to achieve minimal warping. This is a great class for beginners and advanced ceramic students alike! The projects in this class make great hanging art pieces or stepping stones. If you have other ideas for using your finished piece, the instructor encourages you to come to class with those and he will work with you to achieve your idea in the given time frame of the class.
Bring a sketch or an idea of what you would like to make!
Suggested homework – Go check out my newest public project in Tumwater
at Deschutes Valley Park, T street and Whitehawk Lane.

Wheel Throwing – Beginner to Refresher

Instructor: Mariella Luz
Dates: September 13 through October 18, (Wed. evenings)
Times: 6-9 pm
Cost: $245
Registration Closes: September 12
No. of Students: Min. 4, max 10
Skill Level: Beginner & beyond

Class Description: This class will focus on the primary skills of wheel thrown pottery. We will work on the basic forms of cylinders and bowls. We will also cover other basics such as trimming and glazing.

New students can expect to complete several small projects. More experienced students will be able to explore these basic forms further, and expand their scale with greater control to larger and more complex forms.


Fall Youth Craft Class

Instructors: Hilary Morris and Diane Murphy
Dates: Session I: Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26 (Thursday afternoons)
Session II: Nov 2, 9, 16, (skip 23 for Thanksgiving) 30, Dec 7, 14
Times: 3:30-5:30 pm
Cost: $200 per session
Registration Closes: Session I: September 16; Session II: October 19
No. of Students: Min. 5, Max. 10
Age Group: 8 – 12

Class Description: Arbutus Folk School is excited to offer a new fall youth class! Hilary Morris and Diane Murphy will teach a variety of skills including leather work, felting, weaving, ceramics, bookbinding and more! Six-week sessions allow students the opportunity to create within several mediums, with at least 5 take home projects. Students are encouraged to return for future sessions to create more! Ages 8 to 12 are welcome; we look forward to sharing these beautiful handcrafts with a younger community!

Intro to Material Foundations & Glaze Formulation

Instructor: Nicole Gugliotti
Dates: September 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, & 24 (Tuesday evenings)
Times: 6-9 pm
Cost: $277
Registration Closes: September 18
No. of Students: Min. 4, max 10
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced

Class Description: This six-week long class will introduce students to the materials used to create glazes. Through a series of labs we will become familiar with the constituent materials and the combinations that create a glaze. Through this process students will be introduced to methods they can use to alter glazes to correct flaws, change color or adjust texture. All labs will be fired to Cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere. Foundations learned in this course can be applied to any firing temperature or atmosphere and built upon to test and design your own glaze.

This class is recommended for Intermediate students with prior experience working with clay and glaze in a typical classroom setting.
Note: Student projects in this class will consist solely of test tiles for their glaze batches. If you wish to create additional ceramics, we encourage you to register for open studio; registration for this option can be found in our class listings.


 Intro to Blacksmithning


Instructor:  Kelly Rigg
Date:  Sept 23 or Jan 13 (2018)
Time:  10 am – 4 pm with 1/2 hour lunch
Registration closes: 3 days before class
No. of Students: 
Min. 6, Max 6
Skill level: 
Materials provided by student: Durable, close-toed shoes and long pants

This is an introduction to blacksmithing class.  Students will make nails, decorative leaves or BBQ skewers to take home. Students will be introduced to tools and basic techniques.  This class will provide the experience needed for more advanced upcoming classes, such as Forge Building, Hand-Forged Hardware, Tool Making, Chest Hardware, Open-Project Forge, and Traditional Joinery. Students who have already taken the class are welcome and can work on previous projects or select from a few more advanced projects.

Students must wear durable, close-toed shoes and long pants.  The class will have a 30 minute lunch break.  Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Blacksmithing classes are now being held at Kelly’s studio.  The address is 6305 Rich Rd. SE, Unit C, Olympia, WA 98501. Click here to open location in Google Maps: (Yelm Highway to Rich Rd SE, 3/4 Mile (or so) on right hand side to “Arts Park” main entrance. Look for the “Studio 23” sign above the studio entrance.) Please bring a lunch or drive to food services nearby. The studio contact is For enrollment questions, contact Arbutus at


Introduction to Weaving on a Floor Loom

Instructor:  Marjorie Erickson
Date:  2-day weekend workshops: Sept 23/24 or Jan 20/21 (2018)
Time:  9 am – 4 pm with 1/2 hour lunch
Registration closes: Two weeks before 1st day of class
No. of Students: 
min. 3 max 5
Skill level: 
Materials provided by student: Consider bringing lunch, empty 3-ring binder with clear sheet protectors, and note-taking supplies, cushion to sit on benches                                
Class Description: 
In this class, students will learn basic weaving techniques using both stick and boat shuttles on pre-warped looms. They will also learn the parts of a loom and how they work, weaving language, how to read weaving drafts, wind a bobbin and stick shuttle, throw a shuttle, maintain an even weaving beat, keep neat selvedges and finish their completed projects. Students will take home a minimum of 4 completed handwoven pieces.  Experienced students are welcome too!


Taming the Handplane


Instructor:  Terry Liberty
Date:  September 25 & 27
Time:  6 – 9 pm
Registration closes: September 21
No. of Students: 
min. 3 max 6
Skill level: 
Materials provided by student: Students may bring their own hand planes for evaluation. Arbutus will have enough for each student as well.

Class Description: For those of you who have been curious about or have struggled with the use of hand planes in your woodworking, this is the course for you. In “Taming The Handplane”, woodworker Terry Liberty will cover the basics of plane construction, function and technique, followed by demonstrations of their use. After that there will be plenty of time for coached, hands-on practice with the school’s sharp, well tuned planes. Bench planes and block planes will be the primary focus with some discussion and brief practice using other types of planes. Terry’s objective is to demystify these often misunderstood tools and improve comfort and familiarity with the use, setup and troubleshooting of hand planes so the student is ready to use a plane when the task requires it. Students may bring their own tools for discussion although we prefer you use the school’s planes during the class in order to make the most of our time together.


Foundations of Artisan Woodworking

Instructor: Maddie Morgan
Dates: Sept. 26, 28, Oct. 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, Nov. 2, & 7 (skips Halloween)
Times: 6 – 9 pm
Cost: $484
Registration Closes: September 23
No. of Students: Min. 5, max 8
Skill level: No prior experience needed
Materials provided by student: Students are encouraged to bring their own tuned and sharpened handtools, specifically: chisels, mallets and handplanes.  If you do not have tools, the school has some available to share.


Class Description: There is something deeply satisfying to most of us about craftsman-created things that are made from wood. Whether they be as modest as a serving spoon carved from Maple or as elegant as a Queen Anne table fashioned from Mahogany, the delight we feel in them is tangible and grows immeasurably when the spoon or the table is something we have created ourselves with our own hands. This comprehensive course will provide the novice or those with only modest experience an opportunity to begin practicing the skills that generations of artisan woodworkers have employed in order to make beautiful and useful things. From instruction in sharpening and hand tool set-up through project conceptualization and planning, timber selection, wood milling, joinery and fabrication, and finally to the application of a variety of wood finishes, the course will equip you with both the confidence and the fundamental skills necessary to begin shaping timber to a handsome purpose.

Completing the project on schedule will require either working from home or in the open studio time. If you do not have tools and workspace at home to work on your project, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the open studio option on Wed evenings 6-9pm. The fee for studio time is included for current students.


Beginning Embroidery

Instructor: Bobbi Chase
Dates: October 1, 8, 15
Times: 10 am – Noon
Cost: $60
Registration Closes: September 27
No. of Students: Min. 3, max 8
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: For those of you that have either never done embroidery (and would like to try it) OR would like a “refresher course”, this is the class for you! We will talk about threads, needles, fabrics, and designs. We will make a sampler of basic stitches for surface embroidery.  Once you are comfortable with this group of stitches, you can do simple things – or complicated things – and anything in between!

The stitches we will practice and put onto our sampler include a running stitch, double running stitch, stem (or outline) stitch, backstitch, blanket stitch, French knot, chain stitch, and detached chain stitch.  With time (and group interest) we could go into further versions of the previously mentioned stitches.  I’m there to teach and am happy to follow your interest!

The first hour of this class is instruction time for beginners, the second hour is uninstructed “open studio” time to work on your project in a supportive environment. We are calling the second hour the “Embroidery Circle”. Students registered for Beginning Embroidery are automatically enrolled in the Embroidery Circle (no need to register separately if you are enrolled in the beginning class).  Experienced embroiderers are invited to join us for the second hour Embroidery Circle (11-noon) to work in a supportive group on independent projects.  Those joining just for the Circle, see the separate registration information under “Embroidery Circle”.
Let’s grow a community of embroiderers!
Please note:  this is not a cross-stitch class.
Students bring $5 to first day of class for embroidery materials which include fabric, a variety of threads, needles, and written instructions. This will be paid to the instructor on the first day of class.  Instructor will also bring good quality hoops available for purchase if needed for $8.


 Embroidery Circle


Instructor: Bobbi Chase
Dates: October 1, 8, 15
Times: 11 am – Noon
Cost: $30
Registration Closes: September 27
No. of Students: Min. 3, max 8
Skill Level: All

Class Description: This is a time for experienced embroiderers to work on their own independent projects in a community of other embroiderers. This is uninstructed time with access to knowledgeable support. This open embroidery circle follows the beginning class and is open to all learning levels. Let’s grow a community of embroiderers!

Please note: this is NOT a cross-stitch class.

Instructor will have good quality hoops available for purchase if needed for $8.



Wheel Throwing – Beginner to Advanced


Instructor: Mike Cummins
Dates:Tues. eves Oct 3 through Nov 14 (skips Halloween)
Time: 6-9 pm
Cost: $245
Registration Closes: Oct 4
No. of Students: min. 4, max 8
Skill Level: Beginner to advanced

Class Description: I believe that throwing clay on a potter’s wheel is a beautiful practical science rather than an art. I also believe that pottery is a moving meditation with creative and functional benefits.  Please join me to explore these ideas on the wheel!  In this beginner through advanced pottery class, my aim is to help each student understand and master the physics of clay on the wheel.  Together we will discover the effects of momentum, water and pressure on clay bodies.  Each student will develop and strengthen their ability to center and throw clay in the 1-3 pound range. We will also focus on drying, trimming and finishing techniques with an emphasis on similitude and smoothness. We will glaze our works with similar motivations. I am sure you will complete this class with your best ceramic work and artistic mindset.


Spinning from the Beginning

Instructor: Emily Gray
Dates: October 3, 10, 17, 24 Tuesday evenings
Times: 6-8 pm
Cost: $111
Registration Closes: October 1
No. of Students: Min. 4, Max. 8
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: Whether you’re interested in learning spinning basics for that wheel you found, or you’d like to spin on the go with a portable spindle, “Spinning from the Beginning” will introduce you to the basic techniques of spinning fiber.  We will learn on drop spindles – the skills you develop will carry you from spindle to wheel and back again.  If you already have a spindle, bring it!  If you’d like to purchase a spindle prior to class, we recommend any of the spindles available through Paradise Fibers in Spokane (here and here).  Arbutus also has spindles available for check-out for the duration of the class.  If you’d like to continue spinning after the class, we recommend purchasing your own spindle. In addition to spinning, we will explore types of fiber and preparations, and welcome guests from the greater Olympia fiber community to present on various topics.  Participants will take home fiber and their spindles each week to practice between classes.  By the finish of this interactive class, participants will have spun and plied their own yarn, have an introduction to the fiber resources in our area, and have a solid understanding of spinning fundamentals.


Play with Clay – Candle Holders


Instructor: Nicole Gugliotti
Dates: October 6 & 20
Times: 6:00-8:00 pm
Cost: $40
Registration Closes: October 5
No. of Students: Min. 4, Max. 8
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: Join us for our October Play with Clay to create a set of 3 candle holders. Incise your candle holder with your choice of Halloween, Samhain or other decorations.
The first Friday of each month from 6-8 PM, Arbutus offers an informal 2 hour “Play with Clay” class. There will always be a guided theme project but experienced students may design their own projects (working with the instructor to tailor the project to this short timeline.) Students will glaze and fire their projects at a second meeting typically on the 3rd Friday of the month 6-8 PM. $40 class fee includes both meetings, clay, glaze and firing. Play with Clay is intended for adults. Beer and wine are available for purchase!


Intro to Stonecarving

This is a $99 Road Trip story for Travel cover. Stone cutter Keith Phillips of Tenino carves a celtic cross in his studio for a fundraiser for Christian Youth in Puyallup. When he cuts stone, he wears a tie, which is the traditional outfit for stone cutters. Shoppers, shopkeepers, diners, servers, artists, visitors and locals in and around Olympia and rural Thurston County. Story follows the Thurston Bountiful Byway, a 60-mile agritourism route pointing visitors to craft distillers, winemakers, farmers and family-owned businesses showcasing locally-sourced and produced culinary treats.Instructors:  Keith Phillips and Ed Salerno
Dates: Session 2: Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28
Time: 10 am-2 pm, with the possibility of staying for open studio until 4:00 pm
Cost: $296
Registration Closes: Two weeks prior to start of class
Skill level: No carving experience is required, however students should be able to lift up to 30 lbs
Materials provided by student: Sketch pad and pencils, gloves (garden gloves are fine) and dress for the weather. Class will visit the stone quarry the carving shed is unheated
Class Description: For this class, students will be provided with a prepared 12”x4”x8” stone, about the size of a shoe box and weighing around 30 lb. Students will design their own projects, however the instructor will guide project designs to ensure they are feasible for beginners, given the skill and time required. This is a beginning class offered by Tenino’s living stonecarving legends. Class takes place at the carving shed in Tenino, 12 miles south of Olympia. Address is 147 Olympia St N, Tenino, WA 98589. Link to Google map:  Link to information about Tenino’s stonecarving history:

Tenino is the home of four sandstone quarries, which have been a vital source of industry and craft for over a century.  This industry centered on architectural structural stone which included artistic, carved ornamentation.  Many historically significant buildings and sculptures on the west coast, are carved of Tenino sandstone.  Tenino has maintained its stonecarving tradition and this class is a unique opportunity to learn from the masters.  The instructors will supply the stone, eye protection, dust masks and all necessary tools.


Enduring Stories

Instructor: Elaine Vradenburgh
Dates: October 11 – November 1, Wednesday evenings
Times: 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $100
Registration Closes: October 4
No. of Students: Min. 8, Max. 25
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: Folklore is all around us, in every family and community. It is how we express our values, identity, and beliefs outside of formal institutions. We share this lore not only verbally, through stories and songs, but also through material culture and customs. The crafts we make, how we grow and prepare food, our traditions and rituals are all forms of folklore. How do these everyday creative expressions help us build resilience and endure in the face of injustice, loss, or struggle? In this class, students will gain a basic framework for interpreting folklore and will explore how it strengthens our families and communities. We will read, watch, and listen to a variety of examples, enjoy visits from local folk and traditional artists, and have lively discussions. Students will learn basic fieldwork skills to document a folk tradition in their own lives, which they may choose to share on an online exhibit as part of Window Seat Media’s Resilience Project. This class is for anyone who is interested in folk and traditional arts, whether they are makers themselves or not!


 Molsky’s Mountain Drifters Workshop

Note: this class follows the Molsky Mountain Drifter’s concert on Friday, Oct 13th. Concert Info here.
Instructors: Bruce Molsky, Allison De Groot and Stash Wyslouch
Date: Saturday, Oct 14th
Time: 12-2pm (2 hrs)
Cost: $30
Registration closes: Friday, Oct 13
Skill level:  The workshop is designed for fiddlers, banjos and guitars, but other instruments that can play along are welcome too.  Students with some ear-training will be most successful.
Materials provided by student: Your own instrument to play
Class Description: This is a band-lab style workshop. Students will assemble at the start and the band will do a short presentation.  Then students will split into groups according their instruments (fiddles, banjos and guitars) for individual hands-on workshops. Each group will learn the same tune(s). Then the instruments reunite and play the song(s) as a group.



Basic Woodturning

Instructor:  Larry Millerlarry-miller
Date:    2017 dates- each is a separate class  Saturdays: October 14November 11December 9
Time:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm
 : $155
Registration closes: 3 days prior to class
No. of Students: 
min. 3 max 5
Skill level: 
Materials provided by student: None needed, may bring turning tools and safety gear or use instructors

Class Description:  Class will cover basic lathe operation, safety, proper use of lathe tools, tool sharpening, how to prepare wood for turning, mounting techniques, and finishing.  This is a hands on class where students will turn a wooden carving mallet and a small bowl, both of which they’ll take home after the class.  For students interested in acquiring their own lathe or tools, the instructor will provide them with a catalog and go over different lathe options and tips on how to acquire equipment at reduced costs .The morning will be devoted to spindle turning during which students will make a wooden carving mallet.  Late morning and the afternoon will be devoted to making a small bowl.  All students should have completed both a mallet and bowl for them to take home.
NOTE: this class takes place at Larry’s shop, not at Arbutus.  Location: 4621 John Luhr Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98516 (map:


Harmony Singing by Ear: The Natural Way

Instructor: Sue Thompson and Don Share
Dates: October 21
Times: Full Day 10 am – 5 pm; Half-Day Morning 10 am – 1 pm; Half-Day 2 pm – 5 pm
Cost: Full Day $80; Half-Day $45
Registration Closes: October 18
No. of Students: Min. 10, max 24
Skill Level: See Class Description

Class Description: Do you love to sing with others? Wish you could easily sing harmony both above and below a melody?  Come join us for a fun, high-energy day of harmonizing with internationally recognized teachers, Sue Thompson and Don Share.  In this lively workshop, Sue and Don will share their proven method for creating great-sounding harmony naturally and intuitively. Great for old time, folk, Americana, bluegrass, worship, and many other styles of music. This is a rare opportunity to learn harmony singing with both a male and female instructor. There’ll be small group practice and personalized coaching. Come alone or bring your singing buddies or your band!

If you’re new to harmony singing, you’ll get the essential skills and confidence you need to sing harmony to hundreds of songs. If you’re an experienced harmony singer, you’ll learn techniques to figure out harmony on-the-fly without needing to work out your part note-by-note.

  • Harmonize the natural, intuitive way that the pros use.
  • No note-reading or music theory. No need for someone else to tell you what notes to sing.
  • Improve your vocal blend, even with singers whose voices are very different than yours.
  • Solve harmony problems that arise when men and women sing together.
  • Improve vocal power and projection without straining, especially on high and low notes.

To get the most out of these workshops, it’s best if you can already sing a melody reasonably in tune (none of us are perfect!).

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re comfortable playing a chording instrument, such as guitar (uke, mandolin, etc.) while you sing, please bring your instrument with you, as it will be helpful and fun in our small group practice sessions.


Chisel and Tool Making

Instructor:  Kelly Rigg
Date:  Oct 21 or Nov 18 (two separate classes)
Time:  10 am – 4 pm with 1/2 hour lunch
Registration closes: 3 days before class
No. of Students: 
Min. 4, Max 4
Skill level:  
Materials provided by student: Durable, close-toed shoes and long pants

This class is designed for students who have already taken beginning blacksmithing and are interested in building up their tools for use in their home shop. We will make chisels, punches, drifts, and if we have time a pair of tongs. We will go over heat treating of tool steels, plus other topics involved in setting up your own small shop at home.

Students must wear durable, close-toed shoes and long pants.  The class will have a 30 minute lunch break.  Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Blacksmithing classes are now being held at Kelly’s studio.  The address is 6305 Rich Rd. SE, Unit C, Olympia, WA 98501. Click here to open location in Google Maps: (Yelm Highway to Rich Rd SE, 3/4 Mile (or so) on right hand side to “Arts Park” main entrance. Look for the “Studio 23” sign above the studio entrance.) Please bring a lunch or drive to food services nearby. The studio contact is For enrollment questions, contact Arbutus at


Beginning Tatting – Notecards

Instructor: Patti Logan
Dates: October 21 & 28
Times: 10 am – 2 pm
Cost: $48
Registration Closes: October 20
No. of Students: Min. 3, max 10
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: For students with little or no previous experience with tatting. We will be starting with how to make the only tatting stitch (called the double stitch using the needle method of tatting.  Students will make a tatted butterfly in class. Students will choose or design a note card to make for the next session. During the second session, we will review needle Tatting, learn how to read patterns, and make note cards with simple patterns. The teacher will be there every step to encourage your success.

If students need a tatting needle, they may buy one from the instructor for $7 on the first day of class.



Spinning Basics

Instructor: Patti Logan
Dates: November 4
Times: 1 pm – 5 pm
Cost: $48
Registration Closes: November 3
No. of Students: Min. 3, max 10
Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: An introduction to spinning for those who want to learn how. We will begin with an overview of what spinning is and the different tools used all over the world. Various fibers will be available and comparisons made. We will have a demonstration using various spindles. Each student will have ample time to try it with their own hands. During the last hour of the class we will demonstrate the use of a Spinning Wheel, what to look for, and how to find one for you.


Scratch the Surface 

Instructor: Adrienne Eliades
Date: November 11
Time: 9am – 5pm
Cost: $116
Registration Closes: November 5
No. of Students: Min. 5, Max. 10
Skill Level: Some ceramics experience helpful
Materials provided by student: 
5-8 samples of inspiring patterns (nature, design, fabric, etc.)
15+ samples of inspiring photos, drawings, literature, music, etc.
*Pencils, *pens, *sharpies (ultra fine and fine tip)
x-acto knife

Class Description:  This workshop provides an introduction to surface decoration techniques and how to integrate dynamic surface on student’s clay work.  Students will develop a vocabulary of personal expression through drawings, patterns, found imagery and more. We will explore applying personal imagery and iconography through several surface techniques using slip, underglaze, newsprint paper, bamboo paper and tyvek paper stencil resist to wet clay. This course is designed to create opportunities for surface design development in our studio practices.  We will work small and focus primarily on technique.  My goal is to expand your surface decoration repertoire.  We will focus on how to create and push ideas, push materials and techniques, and how to push your work further. This course is open to all skill levels.  Hand-builders and wheel throwers are welcome.  Previous experience in clay will be helpful!

Note: Students will make several tiles using a variety of surface decorating techniques. Tiles will be bisque fired and then glaze fired after the workshop. They can expect to pick up there fired tiles 2-3 weeks after the workshop.